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The Challenge

  • INEOS Phenol Belgium operates a jetty in the river Scheldt close to the Deurganckdok. This allows to transport feed- and end-products mainly by water.
  • The river can be quite crowded with large and smaller vessels making their way through the water. It is not easy to predict the course of each one of those as they have to follow the bend in the river Scheldt, look at other vessels and reach their own individual destination.
  • In order to avoid or to minimize the effect of an impact on the Jetty, INEOS Phenol is looking for an early detection and warning system. This in order to:
    • alert employees and crew of moored vessels on the imminent danger
    • allow a preventive (automated) stop of operations
    • signal oncoming ship to make avoidance possible
    • response time, reliability and accuracy should be maximized.

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Evaluation criteria

When submitting an idea, keep in mind that ideas will be evaluated on:

  • Reliability: avoidance of false alarms
  • Overall cost (set up and maintenance)
  • Required hard and software
  • Quality and degree of detail of the proposal
  • Easiness to use
  • Timing to execute

Information Session & Field visit (ended)

To help you better understand the current situation and the challenge we are trying to solve, we have planned 2 important moments. Be sure to join us to fully understand what needs to be solved and what the difficulties are!

These sessions took place early december, you can watch the recording or get more insights here.


06.12 - Info Session
Watch the recording.
Click here for detailed information.


09.12 - Virtual Field Visit

Challenge Timeline

until 10.01.2022


10.01 - 24.01.2022


25.01.2022 鈥 25.02.2022


1.03.2022 - 31.03.2022



And the winner is ...

Officer on Watch

A partneship of three companies: Securitas, en Bolesian

FINAL SCORE: 83.4/100

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Runner up:


Camera assisted LiDAR Positioning System

FINAL SCORE: 76.6/100